DEP and the New Jersey Department of Health take mosquito control and disease prevention very seriously, said Ray Bukowski, the DEP Assistant Commissioner for Natural and Historic Resources, which oversees the state Office of Mosquito Control Coordination. Close tracking in partnership with local health and mosquito control agencies, we are able to focus control efforts to maximize their effectiveness and reduce health risks as much as possible. Remain optimal for mosquito breeding and the species of mosquitoes that can carry the virus can breed in even the smallest pools of water even toys and discarded cups, said New Jersey Health Commissioner Dr.

In the official numbering, governors are counted only once each, and traditionally, only elected governors were included. However, legislation signed on January 10, 2006, allowed acting governors who had served at least 180 days to be considered full governors. The law was retroactive to January 1, 2001; it therefore changed the titles of Donald DiFrancesco and Richard Codey, affecting Jim McGreevey’s numbering.New Jersey was one of the original thirteen colonies and was admitted as a state on December 18, 1787.

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