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canada goose «How have you not told me about this?»Attinella might never have had a reason to tell the story of his tattoo if he and Valentin hadn’t started recording «From J to Z.» The two teammates came up with the idea for the podcast after learning that the Timbers would spend 26 straight days on the road during preseason as they trained in Costa Rica and Arizona. Attinella and Valentin thought that a podcast would be a fun and exciting project for them to take on away from the pitch.Not only have Valentin and Attinella learned some surprise details about each other through the podcast, they’ve also had the opportunity to open up to fans about themselves in a genuine and lighthearted way, while giving listeners a behind the scenes look to the Timbers.»I love listening to other podcasts and hearing the stories of other athletes because I think everyone comes from such a different background,» Attinella said. «Especially with our team, people are coming from all over the place and everyone has a unique canada goose outlet toronto store story. canada goose

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