Do You Know What Buyer

We advise our home sellers to like a buyer, and to do this they must understand how homebuyers think differently based upon the current housing marketconditions.

If you are thinking of selling a home today, it is very likely that market conditions today are buy canada goose jacket very canada goose factory sale different than the last time you sold. This means that you should expect different behaviors from the canada goose outlet jackets people with whom you will try to attract to your home.

We must always remember that acommodity sells in canada goose outlet store uk a market that is ruled by supply and demand, and your house is no different than any other commodity in that regards.

You must think like a buyer so that you can determine how to attract the most likely candidates to buy your home. This is accomplished through proper staging and pricing, and through measuring real estate liquidity.

The liquidity in the market helps determine the accuracy of forecasting and pricing (if a lot of homes are selling, we can determine a very tight range of values, while if few are selling than the opposite is true).

How Buyers ThinkIn A Seller Market

An under supplied market is called a goose outlet canada seller’s market, wheresellers have great control over price canada goose store and terms. Buyers are:

Worried about other buyers

Worried about canada goose outlet shop losing best deal

Fast to make offer

Quick to Canada Goose Parka terms

Not pushy after inspection

So in a seller market, a well prepared seller can play on the of loss for interested buyers and push the home price higher. Well canada goose jacket outlet planned housing markets, in a seller market, canada goose uk outlet often close at a price canada goose outlet in usa above the asking price.

How Buyers ChangeA Balanced Market

A balanced market exists when the supply of canada goose clearance sale homes (similar to yours) is adequate for 5 to 6 months at the current rate of demand. Buyers are:

Less worried cheap canada goose canada goose outlet uk about other buyers

Not concerned about losing best deal

Makes offer when ready

Expects best terms

Top condition demanded after inspection

The canada goose outlet sale prudent home seller identifies exactly where they fit into the market, then prepares the home to be highly desirable to canada goose outlet canada many buyers in order to create competition among buyers. Major repair items should be Canada Goose Jackets treated up front, so that the buyer pool is not limited to only the people who have the time or the inclination cheap canada goose uk to make repairs.

Beware Homebuyers In ABuyer Market

An over supplied market is called a buyer’s market, where it thebuyers canada goose factory outlet that have great canada goose outlet black friday control over price and terms. Buyers are:Waiting for best deal.

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